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We are PPO (Preferred Providers) for the following insurance companies and adhere to their maximum allowable benefit allowances:

A) Blue Cross/Blue Shield
B) United Concordia
C) New Southland (PEEHIP)
D) Delta Dental
E) All Kids
F) Tricare
G) CignaMet
H) MetLife

We also accept most other dental insurance and work directly with the insurance company and the patient to coordinate benefits We will file all insurance claim forms for any patient and to any insurance company. Our patients never have to file any insurance claim. We make it very easy for you to be our patients. We maintain your dental insurance company claim forms in our office. We fill out all insurance forms and file them for you. We make estimates of what you owe or will owe at each appointment. After the insurance company pays their full benefits, you will be billed for any balance due. We try very hard to give accurate insurance estimates of what your insurance company will pay for each dental procedure. Because there are scores of insurance companies with variable benefits within each company, accurate estimates of benefits are not always possible. Therefore, all insurance benefits given to you must be considered the most accurate ESTIMATE possible. If it most common that a patient will owe additional amounts after the patient pays his/her estimated portion and the insurance company has paid its benefit portion. Upon examination, we always give you a treatment plan for any treatment needed. This helps you plan your appointments as you will know for each appointment the type treatment that will be rendered, what your insurance company will cover, and what your part will be. Most dental treatment is not an emergency. Therefore your dental treatment may be planned around your budget. We ask, as most dentists do, that you pay your estimated part at each scheduled appointment unless other terms are agreed upon. We offer an optional instant application for a low interest, low monthly payment loan from a loan company approved by the American Dental Association (CARE CREDIT; www.carecredit.com) to cover any extensive dental.


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